2010 Optical Comparator Profile Projector with Heidenhain Quadra-Chek eCAD CC-14

2010 Optical Comparator Profile Projector with Heidenhain Quadra-Chek eCAD CC-14

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This is a Certified Comparator Products CC-14 Optical Comparator & Heidenhain Quadra-Chek with eCAD in excellent working condition!


  • 14” image diameter screen 
  • 8” x 4“ XY travel 
  • Quick release X axis and fine adjustment knobs in X and Y 
  • Heavy cast mineral composite base worktable support structure 
  • 0.00004” XY scales

Optics & Illumination...

  • Fully telecentric 
  • Internal quick change lens mount and lens storage rack 
  • 3.4” constant working clearance 
  • 10X mag lens, standard 
  • 2 vivid TruLight™ all-LED illuminators available

DRO & Software...

Heidonhain Quadra-Chek eCAD

eCAD virtual chart projected onto the same part Certified Comparator Products (CCP) has introduced the eCAD virtual chart gage system, an electronic overlay package available on specially configured CCP optical comparators.

eCAD creates a "virtual" chart gage, using DLP technology to accurately project a CAD model with tolerance bands onto the comparator screen. The CAD file is synchronized to the worktable motion so that as the table is moved, the projected CAD image tracks it accurately. As magnification is changed, eCAD automatically adjusts the CAD image magnification, so the CAD overlay is always correctly sized, the company said.

eCAD is designed to reduce costs by eliminating the need to maintain a large inventory of certified chart gages, and can improve accuracy by eliminating the errors inherent in making the chart master from the CAD file, the company said. Chart storage, cleaning and changeover requirements are eliminated.

eCAD is also designed to add flexibility to the comparator, enabling new part designs to be measured immediately without the need to make new charts. With eCAD, the comparator is a suitable measurement tool for rapid prototyping, said CCP.

eCAD is designed to represent multiple tolerance zones, using color bands to indicate various levels of precision requirements and to project tolerance zones in user-defined ways as translucent overlays or silhouettes. Change mags with the available magnification lenses on the comparator, which are automatically supported by the eCAD software. Parcentrality and keystone error compensation is also supported.

eCAD supports a range of common CAD file formats, including Gerber, Excellon, HPGL, PRT, EPS and DWG. Part origin and skew alignment are provided for, and both horizontal and vertical mirror image projection are supported, along with identification of material side, enabling maximum utilization and flexibility in the measurement setup.

Screen Size 14” diameter screen, with integral hood

Screen Type Ground glass with 90° centerlines and clips for mounting standard 14” overlay


Protractor Digital screen display, ±360° readout with 1’ (0.017°) resolution

Optical System Telecentric, horizontal, with inverted reversed image, 3.4” constant working


Includes: 10X projection lens 

Lens Mount Internal, manual, quick-change lens storage rack with operator access

Throat Clearance 8.5”

XY Motion Manual, with quick release X axis and fine adjustment knobs in X and Y

XY Travel Range 8” x 4”; focus travel - 1.5” with precision fine adjustment

Optional Travel Extended X axis travel - 12”

XY Positioning Precision, with heavy duty cast iron substage for vertical motion and focus


Worktable Precision machined aluminum with fixturing slot, 16” x 4.75”, 

45 lb load capacity

System Dimensions, (approx DWH) 35.9” x 30”(including DRO) x 33”

Weight, approximate 375 lb

Illumination (TruLight™)

1. Profile light, bright green LED, continuously variable intensity

2. Oblique (Dark Field), Ringlight with 8 white LEDS, 6 switch-selectable patterns

for effective directional lighting; continuously variable intensity

115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1


PTWS # ILR-000000-070121-C

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ManufacturerOptical Comparator Profile Projector with Heidenhain Quadra-Chek eCAD
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