Branson 2019 B950R Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser with Automated Robotic Basket in Pristine Condition only 3 years old!

Branson 2019 B950R Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser with Automated Robotic Basket in Pristine Condition only 3 years old!

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This is a 2019 B950R Branson Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser with Automated Robotic Basket in Pristine Condition!

Only 3 years old! us for a demonstration!


  • Serial# 08-6275-19
  • Year 2019
  • 208 volts / 3 Phase
  • Freq 40 Khz

Branson Model B950R ultrasonic vapor degreaser, to be furnished in accordance with the

following specifications:

• Boil sump and ultrasonic sump to be constructed of heli-arc welded type 304

stainless steel for corrosion resistance

• Internal working dimensions of:

 Ultrasonic sump: 12" L x 16" W x 12" deep

 Boil sump: 12" L x 16" W x 12" deep

 Vapor zone: 32.75” L x 19.25” W x 12” deep

 Freeboard Zone: 36” L x 22.5” W x 20” deep

• Solvent Capacity:

 Boil Sump Working Capacity: 13.8 gallons

 U/S Sump Working Capacity: 10 gallons

 Water Separator Capacity: 1.5 gallons

 Total Solvent Capacity: 26 gallons


Solvent Cleaner for this unit...

AeroTron-100 Non-Flammable Precision Cleaning and Vapor Degreasing Solvent

Boil Set Point 113-116F

Ultrasonic Sump Set Point 90F

• Vapor/Air Interface 4.4 square feet.

• Unit to be skirted and painted with gray, solvent-resistant paint.

• Insulation will be provided on vapor zone, and freeboard zone area

The S8500 full feature generator model S8540-12 provides precise control of critical

ultrasonic cleaning parameters. All models come equipped with the following features:

• Branson’s new Auto Tune feature adjusts to the specific tank load while

constantly maintaining optimum operating frequency around your application

under a variety of changing process parameters such as:

 Bath temperature

 Liquid level depth

 Load variations (size and weight)

 Chemical viscosity

• Auto Tune feature dynamically adjusts to the optimum operating frequency as

these parameters change insuring precise bath control with consistent and

repeatable cleaning performance

Line/Load Regulation: Compensates for liquid level, temperature, line voltage,

and load variation to less then 3% change

• Power Modulation: Provides increased peak power within bath for aggressive

cleaning and for difficult to cavitate cleaning chemistries. Can also be used to

degas liquids

Sweep Frequency: Selectable sweep rate and band width to minimize standing

waves and improve ultrasonic distribution

• Variable Power Control: Cavitational power adjusts from 10 to 100% for

matching cleaning power precisely to the application

• Average output power: 500 watts

• Comprehensive User Friendly Control Panel: Status indicators provide visual

confirmation of functional parameters

• CSA Certified, complies to FCC part 18 (CE Available)

• Operating Frequency: 40 kHz

• Voltage: 208-230, Single Phase, 60Hz, 4 amps

• Line cord configuration: NEMA L6-20P

• Unit to be furnished with a recirculating pump and bag filter system, for the ultrasonic

sump for efficient particulate removal. Ryton pump to be sealless, magnetic drive.

Recirculating rate to be 2 GPM

• 24 Volt controls, for operator safety

Constant digital display of boil sump or ultrasonic sump temperature

• Standard safety features:

 Ready Light

 Coolant Temperature Sensor

 Boil Sump Temperature Fault

 Boil Sump Level Fault Indicator

 Early Warning Contamination Indicator **

**Other fault conditions will appear in temperature display

– IDS Page 5 of 5

• All solvent wetted materials to be stainless steel, Ryton (pump), Teflon (seals), and

nylon (filter element)

• Boil sump heat: 4,000 watts stainless steel low watt density immersion heat,

contained in offset boil sump with low liquid level safety control

• Ultrasonic sump heat: 800 watts

• Clean out door on boil sump for ease of maintenance

• Average Distillation rate: 14 GPH *

*(Based on use with HCFC, HFE, HFC solvents.)

• Power requirements: 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz., 3 phase, 37 amps (208 Available)

• 100% Freeboard area meets NESHAP regulations. Unit will be equipped with two (2)

cooling zones for emission control

 Primary coil at 20 to 45 degrees F

 Freeboard (secondary coil at 0 to -20 degrees F)

• Primary and secondary coils will share a common internal water separator from

separate troughs

• Refrigeration for primary coils provided by a 1-1/2 HP direct-expansion condensing


 Refrigerant: R134A.

• Refrigeration for secondary coils provided by a ½ HP direct-expansion condensing


 Refrigerant: R404A.

• Drain valves conveniently located behind removable panel for easy access

• Overall dimensions: 64.75" L x 32.5" W x 48.75" High

• Approximate shipping weight: 750 lbs.

• Desiccant kit optional and required for certain solvents.

The B950R will be supplied with an internal Dual Axis Lift Mechanism as follows:

• For use above and into the boil sump and ultrasonic sump

• The operator will load and unload the parts onto and off of the lift mechanism above

the degreaser

• The lift mechanism will process the parts (vertical and horizontal movement) as

follows: vapor zone over the boil sump, immersion into the boil sump (only if

required), vapor rinse, freeboard dry

• Variable process dwell times via PLC Direct PLC

• Pneumatic air cylinder with limit switches, for vertical motion

• Rod-less air cylinder with limit switches for horizontal motion

• Dual start push buttons

• Opens and closes power cover (if equipped)

• Maximum weight capacity: 50 Lbs

• The speed of the lift is factory set to comply with NESHAP regulation (field

adjustment is not recommended)

• The overall height of the B950R will increase to approximately 95.5” with the lift

in its uppermost position. (The overall width will increase by approximately 5.5").

If the B-950-R will have a dual axis lift mechanism installed, for safety reasons the

automatic mode on the degreaser will be semi-automatic. This means that both START

switches must be pressed at the same time to initiate any motion of the lift. This prevents

the lift from starting into motion while the operator has a hand or arm inside the


Power Cover

• Pneumatically activated power sliding cover

• One piece, full open capability for non-automated operation*

• Helps to reduce processing emission losses

• Customer supplied air requirements: 60 to 120 PSIG, .5 SCFM

Note: Power cover will increase the overall height of the B950R to 52"

Note: All dimensions shown above are in order left to right, front to back, high/deep.

Note: Approximate Room Heat Load: 40,000 BTU/hr

WSPT # LCCAF-000000-030522-D

Picture# 030222

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* All information deemed accurate but may vary from model to model.

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Serial Number08-6275-19
Stock Number030522D