Flash 500 Flare Smart Scope optical gauging Measuring Machine Inspection auto measurement CMM with Rotary Table


Flash 500 Flare Smart Scope optical gauging Measuring Machine Inspection auto measurement CMM with Rotary Table

$36,500 (USD)

Central Falls, RI


This is a SmartScope® Flash™ 500 Optical measurement machine with Micro Theta Rotary Table in excellent condition! 

2004 UPDATED 2017 (Computer & Software updated in 2017)

Machine Options:

All software installed, Plus Calibrated!!

Flash 500 has a precision rotary unit

serial # SVW-5001336

Windows 7 Ultimate 

Measure Mind 3D OGP software version 15.3 build 100

Data Base V - 75

DSP VERSION 6.02.11 02-10-2017 

We have tested this machine and calibrated it as of 032223

Measurement stability

Optics mounted on a rigid

bridge support structure for

metrological integrity

Precision optics

High quality Zoom 12

AccuCentric® zoom lens

autocalibrates with every

magnification change

Standard Optional

XYZ travel 500 x 450 x 200 mm Extended Y axis, 610 mm; extended Z axis, 300 or 400 mm

XYZ scale resolution 0.5 μm 0.1 μm (optional XYZ), optional dual Y-axis scales

Drive system DC servo with 4-axis control (X,Y,Z,zoom); with multifunction handheld controller

Worktable Nickel plated steel, with fixture holes, removable stage glass, 65 kg recommended max payload

Optics Zoom 12 AccuCentric® auto-calibrating

zoom with up to 25 calibrated positions

0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, and 2.0x lens attachments; 2.5x and 5.0x laser lenses (for use with or without optional TTL laser),

FOV size (std optical configuration) Measured diagonally, 10.1 mm (low mag) to 1.1 mm (high mag)

Illumination LED substage (monochromatic), LED

coaxial TTL surface, 8 sector/8 ring

SmartRing™ LED (white)

• Flexible SmartRing light for long working distance optical configurations (in lieu of

standard SmartRing light)

• 8 sector/6 ring Vu-Light™ LED ring light, standard working distance (70 mm), or low

incidence working distance (36 mm) (in lieu of standard SmartRing light)

• Red or green SmartRing light (in lieu of standard white SmartRing light)

Camera High resolution color metrology camera

Image processing 256 level grayscale processing with 10:1 subpixel resolution

Sensor options (contact OGP for

possible combinations of sensors)

Controller Windows® based, with up-to-date processor and on board networking/communication ports

Controller accessory package 24” flat panel LCD monitor, or dual 24” flat panel LCD monitors; keyboard, 3-button

mouse (or user supplied)

Software QVI Portal, including:

• Portal Navigator

• Independent Calibration Engine (ICE)

• Multimedia Content Viewer

• SmartLink™

Metrology software: ZONE3® or ZONE3 Pro, MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor,

Measure-X®, VMS™, Elements®

Productivity software: MeasureFit® Plus, SmartFit® 3D, SmartProfile®

Offline software: ZONE3, MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor, Measure-X, VMS

Power requirements 115/230 vac, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, 700 W

Rated environment Temperature 18-22° C, stable to ±1° C; 30-80% humidity; vibration <0.001g below 15 Hz

Operating environment, safe operation 15-30° C

XYZ volumetric accuracy1 E3 = (3.5 + 8L/1000) μm2,4,5 (requires QVI 3D metrology software1)

XY area accuracy1 E2 = (2.5 + 5L/1000) μm2,3,4

Z linear accuracy1 E1 = (3.0 + 8L/1000) μm4 E1 = (2.0 + 8L/1000) μm4 (with optional 2.0x

Axis                Travel (mm)

X axis                       500

Y axis                       450

Z axis                        200

Extended Y (opt)      610

Extended Z (opt)       300

Extended Z (opt)       400

WSPT #LRRQ-00000-040423-A


* All information deemed accurate but may vary from model to model.

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ManufacturerOGP Flash
ModelFlash 500